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Welcome to Iguanna Park

we add the extra n for clarification

Other Reptiles:

Sick of Iguanas? Well we have lots of other reptiles at hand.

We have a huge collection of rare snakes smuggled in from China.

Beware they can bite!

Woah... that was close!


Reptile Petting:

Want to get up close and personal with some of our reptiles?

Here at Iguanna Park you and your family or friends can come to the reptile information show, where you can hold and touch a few of our reptiles that we have here at the park.


Nature Walks:

If you're bored of seeing the reptiles then take a nice walk on some of our walks around the park.

We have ten walks around the park that range from short to long walks that can take up to one hour to walk around.


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Iguanna Park is completely fictional so don't try to find it on a map.

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